Welcome to the Solutions on Self-Help Task Force Website

In April, 2010, Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Marilyn Kelly established the "Solutions on Self-Help (SOS) Task Force" to promote greater centralization, coordination and quality of support for persons representing themselves in legal matters in Michigan.

Chief Justice Kelly said "While the economy has greatly increased the number of people who are eligible for civil legal aid, legal aid agencies must turn away many of them due to limited resources.  I created this task force to fill the justice gap I see in our state," Kelly explained. "Many judges and court staff have tried to develop resources for those who represent themselves, but not all those resources are truly helpful or up-to-date. So, among other goals, the SOS Task Force will develop a statewide self-help web site that will help non-lawyers represent themselves as effectively as possible."

The SOS Task Force has established Work Groups to address this and other goals, including pilot local self-help centers affiliated with the statewide web site; more comprehensive training programs for judges, court staff, librarians and others who work with the self-represented; improved uniformity and consistency of forms and practices; and the need for changes in rules or ethics provisions on the self-represented.

The SOS Task Force is co-chaired by Linda Rexer (Executive Director, Michigan State Bar Foundation) and Lorraine Weber (Executive Director, Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association Foundation). The Task Force is a statewide collaboration of judges, courts, lawyers, bar associations, funders, nonprofit legal aid agencies, legal self-help centers and others.